Consulting Senior Designer

Open Garden k

Oakland, CA

Sep 18
Job Description

About the project
Lead the design for a new app with support from a junior designer. The app will be designed using React Native for both iOS and Android.
Modify existing information architecture. A test app exists today that is functional.
Develop and test wireframes with users.
Develop visual aesthetics that inspire trust and ease.

Experience designing consumer apps with at least one app that is currently being used.

Six to eight weeks

Oakland, CA

Remote work is fine with once a week onsite meetings.

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

Open Garden

About Open Garden Open Garden (OG) is creating a connectivity marketplace where people can buy and sell bandwidth at home. Airbnb created a marketplace where people can buy and sell lodging and Lyft created a marketplace where people can buy and sell car rides. Companies in the sharing economy (Airbnb, Lyft, etc.) empower people to monetize underutilized assets. In the case of Airbnb, an underutilized asset is a physical space that people are not using and can be shared (rented) to others and in the case of Lyft, an individual’s personal car can be used as a taxi. At OG, we are doing the same thing by empowering people to sell the bandwidth they are not using (i.e. an underutilized asset) at home to their neighbors. A typical monthly data limit for home internet is about 1,000GB and the average monthly consumption in the US is about 300GB. Hence, there is about 700 GB of internet access data that is wasted. If two neighbors share their Internet access they can cut their Internet bills in half. For example, John and Mary live in apartments next to each other and pay $60/month each for home internet. Mary gets an Open Garden WiFi Sharing Device and John connects to the Internet through that device. Now, John can disconnect his Internet from the cable company and pay Mary $30/month instead.