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New York, NY

Nov 9
Job Description

The Timeship Building, located in the Stasis Biotechnology Research Park in Texas, created by Architect Stephen Valentine, will be the center for pioneering life extension research and cryopreservation. The website is: www.timeship.org

A vertical cryogenic storage vessel (Temperature Controlled Volume (TCV) U.S. Pat. No. 6,988,370) design has been developed to produce a variable temperature environment using a pool of boiling liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the further design and implementation of TCV cooling system components and other devices for the cryopreservation & cryostorage of human organs for transplantation purposes. Including is the design of the eventual cryostorage of full human patients in order to bring those patients to a future when reanimation will be possible.

All work will be done at the NYC office or at Timeship project site outside San Antonio, Texas. Candidates will be working directly with New York architect Stephen Valentine. Two separate supporting teams of cryogenic engineers are developing alternative cooling systems.

Candidate must be committed, including evenings and weekends as required. E-mail resume with attached samples, but must have "DETAILED" letter of interest. The website is: www.timeship.org. There is a book about the project titled: TIMESHIP [The Architecture of Immortality]


Candidates must have an exceptional sense of art of design, architecture & science. Technical skills include: highly detailed physical model making (museum quality for use in possible television documentary and museum-gallery exhibit).

1. Model prototypes (scaled and full size). Including: 3D Printing, laser cutting, and CNC
2. Computer CAD & 3D Modeling (Must have the ability to build 3D models possibly using Rhino, Solidworks, & 3D Studio software).
3. Development of fabrication drawings and specifications.


The Stasis Foundation Biotechnology Research Park (Stasis Research Park) will be a world-class biotech facility located in Comfort, (near San Antonio), Texas.

There are two parts to the primary mission to the Stasis Research Park: biotech research and the cryostorage of biological materials. The design and development of cooling systems and devices for the cryopreservation & cryostorage of human organs for transplantation purposes, materials to support fertility; tissue for regenerative medicine; DNA, including the DNA of near extinct species; whole mammalian organisms including humans after legal death for whom all medical procedures have failed. The Stasis Research Park is owned and managed by the Stasis Foundation, a federally tax exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable corporation that conducts health and medical research.

Salary: Hourly rate $25. to $50.

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.


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