Lecturer in Design Literacy, plus support for the Design Research track

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences k

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nov 11
Job Description

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) is seeking a LECTURER (roughly equivalent to "assistant professor" in the US system) who will:

1) teach and coordinate the “Literacy” track within the Master’s programme in Digital Design,
2) cooperate closely with the lecturer responsible of the “Research” track.

Deadline 23 Nov.
Start date flexible: 1 Feb, or 1 Aug 2019 at the latest.

S/he will work at the M.Sc. Digital Design, a new and ambitious program that aims at combining a Research through Design/Making approach with applied education and real-world projects.

The new hire will be a specialist in design processes and will face the challenge of "bringing on the same page" a cohort of 24 talented, competitively-selected international students with diverse design backgrounds (from UX/UI, to Product, to Fashion...).

The M.Sc. Digital Design is brand new, only in its second year of life, and offers an opportunity to grow professionally and shape an up-and-coming program. It has an emphasis on multidisciplinary design, HCI design, VR, and tangible interfaces.

Dutch Lecturers are roughly equivalent to American Assistant Professors. In Dutch universities of applied sciences, a permanent contract is awarded after 2 full years of satisfactorily employment. Teaching load is 1 year-long course per academic year, plus some management/coordination tasks.

Let me add a personal note here, as the co-coordinator of the program: I think that the really exciting thing is that we're shaping this Master's from the ground up, and I'm looking for someone who's eager to make a lasting impact in how we teach and work.


Please don't hesitate to contact me (g.ferri AT hva.nl) for any additional information

Application Details

To start the application procedure, follow the instructions at http://www.hva.nl/vacatures/1013505/lecturer-in-Design-Literacy,-plus-support-for-the-Design-Research-Track-(0,6-fte)

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is the largest institution of its kind in the Netherlands. This job will take place at the M.Sc. Digital Design, a new Master's program launched in 2017. It is a full-time, one-year curriculum. It is designed to challenge students, and prepare them for the real-life rhythms of design professionals. The program centers around four main areas of expertise: Literacy, Research, Creation and Strategy. It also involves three projects, as well as an opening and closing conference/exposition. Courses, projects and events partially overlap during the academic year, enabling students to establish their own connections between topics and to apply their competences in a studio setting. The Master's program is a collaboration between the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, nine leading design agencies (ACHTUNG!, DDB Tribal, FHV BBDO, Fabrique, MediaMonks, Mirabeau, Momkai, Dept (TamTam), and Woedend!), plus a network of international academic institutions, including the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and KEA Copenhagen (Denmark).