Industrial Designer II

Point Innovation k

Dallas, TX

Nov 14
Job Description

Job Description
Your responsibilities include working with various clients related to projects assigned to you. These projects will vary in scope from transportation, consumer products, graphics, and mechanical mechanisms. You will be assisting in the development of concepts on existing products and product ideas to develop innovative, ergonomic, user-friendly designs that attract consumers, as well as coordinate the look and function of product.


Primary Responsibilities:
• Work with engineering, marketing, production, and/or sales departments as needed to promote the company image.
• Perform contextual and ethnographic research on appearance, safety, function, serviceability, budget, production costs/methods, and market characteristics.
• Take part in specialized and/or multidisciplinary team meetings.
• Travel to Client and/or production facilities.
• Develop concepts in collaboration with the Design and Engineering team.
• Rapid prototyping for soft goods, physical models, and other fabrication.
• Conduct product testing with a critical eye on fit/function, and relay findings to improve concepts.
• Develop 2D sketches/linework, block models, and technical drawings to illustrate concept aesthetic and/or functionality to the client.
• Fabricate 3D digital models for presentations.
• Revise models according to client feedback and vendor constraints.
• Research production materials pertaining to cost, manufacturing, longevity, and other pertinent product constraints.
• Present designs to client for approval.
• Test designs in focus groups or surveys.
• Identify, assess, and attend relevant industry trade shows and exhibitions.
• Research costs of production materials.
• Develop manufacturing and assembly guides.
• Take part in specialist or multidisciplinary team meetings.

Qualifications Include:
• 3-5 Years Industrial Design experience; prefer developed conceptual, creative and analytical skills.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills. Must be able to interact and present to all team members, managers, and stakeholders, both within PI and client organizations.
• Proven ability to handle multiple assignments simultaneously.
• Demonstrated ability to work in team environments.

Additional Skills:
• Presentation and Storytelling
• Ability to plan and execute design, ethnographic, contextual Research
• Design for Manufacture (Materials and Process)
• Soft goods fabrication skills a plus

Education and Training Requirements:
• BS or BFA degree in Industrial Design or related specialization from a four-year college or university required.

Point Innovation

Point Innovation the Company: Point Innovation is a multidisciplinary design consultancy with a team of engineers and designers that blend creative and technical design to develop innovative products ranging from consumer goods to luxury aircraft interiors. In addition, our technical resources division is committed to achieving excellence in quality placements of “best in class” personnel for onsite project support, whether it is to fulfill our customers’ staffing requirements for specific projects, or to meet their increased demands and expanding goals. Point Innovation Brand Values: We transform our client’s need into a product or service by understanding the relevant factors, applying imagination through critical thinking and focusing resources to create/increase value for users and industries. We want our clients to see our relationship as a shared journey with Point Innovation as their experienced guide, ensuring we reach the mutual goals set for this journey. Along the way, we want to learn what is important to our client, and as experienced guides, educate them on the best way of achieving it, creating a sense of teamwork and partnership while building trust. We are flexible, and respect and value our staff as well as our clients. We believe in honest communication with our clients and continually inspire our team to always drive the innovation that ensures our client’s success.