Job Description


The Creative Director is responsible for the creative leadership and management of the Company in two defined areas: product development and visual presentation. The Creative Director mentors, inspires and directs designers and production staff from concept to implementation. The Creative Director works closely with Marketing, Sales and Finance to ensure creative concepts and execution meet the established business objectives. This position reports to the Company President.

Essential Job Functions

•Creative direction in shaping the Company’s strategic vision and sharing this creative POV through all channels

•Concept creation and development, design direction, management, execution and production of product portfolio and overall visual language

•Leadership and development of Company’s creative team

•Cultivation of an inspirational and innovative environment while adhering to Company policy

•Maintenance of talent and staffing levels compatible with existing and projected workload

•Art direction and implementation of Company website, social media, trade fairs, events, catalogs, product collateral, product packaging and mass communications

•Photo and video art direction and participation in both pre- and post-production process

•Communication with vendors, clients and designers in both creative presentations and feedback meetings

•Soliciting and assimilating design feedback and directing/implementing design related revisions

•Extending personal and departmental knowledge base as well as learning about new design tools and software relating to media, communications, production and design

Required Qualifications

• Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, Industrial Design or related field. Preference given to holders of Master’s Degree in a design, management, or business related field.

•Minimum of 5 years of experience leading a team of Design and Content talent

•Documented examples of shaping and leading an entity’s creative vision

•Demonstration of successful leadership experience with a team of at least 5 direct reports

•Outstanding conceptual abilities and collaborative skills

•Strong team building and management

•Strong communication skills with the ability to present information in verbal, written and visual form to a variety of audiences, from the internal team to client executives

•Excellent time management skills and the ability to effectively allocate resources

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.


Areaware is a New York City based producer of everyday objects that are functional and unusual. Our goal is to create thoughtful products that inspire an emotional response. We like to think we have a good sense of humor and that our objects are poetic. We wish to create a forum for young and local talent and together become a strong voice for American design. We believe that appreciation for beauty is central to what it means to be alive and want to embody this principle in even the simplest things.