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Original bronze for reference
quick clay study
Welded steel frame supports the main structure of 2" foam blocks
Carving using reciprocating saws and hand tools begins.
The hair was sculpted quickly using an electric hot-knife to melt and gouge the foam.
After a coat of black paint to help resolve the form, it is then coated several times with a clear epoxy-based hard coat mixed with polyurethan fiber for strength, giving it a very tough and scratch-resistant shell.
The face was constructed out of harder density polyurethane modeling foam, then carved using a handheld rotary tool (approx. 30 hours carving time)
Finally, the paint can be applied.
Foam mold pattern for a large "icicle" structure to be cast in clear resin. This detail was ultimately scrapped due to time and budget constraints. (Spray-painted green for form clarity)
Silicone applied to mold pattern
Mold construction begins
Finished mold with pattern
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Hygieia Brunnen Sculpture

In 2012 I was commisioned to create a large scale set piece for a local theater production, based on a 19th century bronze fountain. From initial sketches to carving to finished project took just over two weeks, and over 130 hours of labor.

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Joe Brussel
Multidisciplinary Designer New York, NY