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Neustar Interview Project - Spotify VS RDIO

A high-level and informal UX comparison of Spotify and RDIO.

For my interview with the San Francisco product team at Neustar I was asked a simple question: which do you like better, Spotify or RDIO? (Evidently two product folks had an ongoing debate on which one was better.) I put together the following deck a few days before my interview and walked the product folks through it.

The thinking here is very high level and the data scanty. Also, I would never present so many words on a slide at once, but I wanted the viewer to be able to 'see' my thought process (in case I couldn't present this in person or via video).

Sadly, RDIO disappeared a year or two later. It was the hands-down winner.

After I got the job, I later learned that they had wanted a simple one word answer: Spotify or RDIO. That will teach you to ask an introvert a direct question.

John Clarkson
UX Design Leader Aldie, VA