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Global Clock

I made this project using Photoshop. This is a collage of seventeen different Time magazine covers. Eight of these covers are volumes of Time magazine released throughout the world with various release dates. The nine covers located in the middle are outlined in red, white, and blue to represent the magazine volumes released in the United States. The surrounding global Time magazine covers correspond proportionally to the covers released in the United States the same week. When comparing the two, what the world sees through Time magazine is radically different than what United States customers are viewing. This directly relates to the title I named this issue;

New Fad or New Culture?

Megaspectacles--> http://pages.gseis.ucla.edu/faculty/kellner/papers/mediaspectacleintro.htm

Located where Time magazine covers generally have inside previews (at the top), I put the words Media Manipulation, Distraction, and Egocentrism, along with their definitions