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The Intelligent Mind

For this piece, I was doodling around with some brushes, and one of my doodles sort of looked like a girls face and hair. It looked very spiritual, so I decided to play around with it. I made a copy of this layer and flipped it horizontally to show some symmetry. I decided I wanted this to represent a soul or a human mind. I made 2 rubix cubes and put them at the top two corners to represent intelligence. The right side has ripples behind it in a straight path to represent the logical side of the human mind. The left side has a sort of crooked path of ripples, representing the creative side of the human mind. I tried to use the original woman face and distort it. This would represent the devil side of a soul. The two woman would represent the angels of the soul. I decided to add a symbol to represent a human in the design. The body is pulling the mind and soul together to create mind, body, and soul. The human has yellow teeth to represent the shallowness and greed of human race.