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Carrying Case Detail - Role: Lead Designer
Numerous samples were evaluated and iterated upon in designing an optimal use experience for ThinkPad customers. All cases include a passport holder, light gray lining to help located objects inside, robust handles, pouch as well zippered and velcro pockets for accessories.
USB Secure HDD Button Design Detail Revision - ID, Human Factors and management reviewed a number of designs of button types, shapes and sizes in order get the best look, sound and feel. Above is a detail drawing I did that was given to the manufacturing vendor to implement in a mock-up for evaluation and, inevitably, production. Measurements are in Millimeters.
Lenovo USB to DVI Dongle - Role: Lead Designer
Concept sketch I made that was sent to the manufacturing vendor to model. CAD drawings, mock-ups and tooled sample parts were iterated upon through a series of ID inspection and recommendations.
ThinkPad W700-DS Photo - I took this photo showing a feature that was left out in the numerous reviews for the mobile workstation. The photo appeared on blogs "Design Matters", Engadget and others.

In the photo are office mates HF Engineer, Neil, and Senior Designer, Bob T.
Richard Sapper Collaboration - ThinkPad Design Review
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Lenovo - formerly IBM PCD

Various projects designed as a staff designer with the Lenovo Team.

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John Venida
Industrial/Product Designer San Francisco, CA