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Cardboard Workstation - Cardboard is cheap, strong, recyclable, readily available and often overlooked as a construction material. The Cardboard Workstation is strong enough to support a 200lb user and a 50lb computer. It folds flat and is lightweight; its components tessellate (fit together), thus wasting no material when made.
Oval Atom - Chaining bicycles to trees in NYC is hazardous to trees and pedestrians. The Oval Atom solves this problem both by protecting the tree and by providing a safe location to lock a bicycle. The Oval Atom was entered by my R.P.I. team into a competition hosted by Cooper Union. In addition, I created a website with more information on our design at www.PDInterface.com
Handcycle - My R.P.I. Team redesigned the modern racing handcycle to combine the stability of a standard 3-wheeled handcycle with the speed of a 2-wheeled bicycle. To test the feasibility of this radical new design, we built 1/3 scale models of our two most promising designs. Tested on a treadmill and in a wind tunnel, they performed exceptionally well. Shown is one of the cad models, and its corresponding prototype.
Laser-Tag Box - A school-tested educational toy an RPI classmate and I created for 3rd grade students, to teach the principles of reflection and refraction. Its fully enclosed case does not allow the laser beam to "escape"; mirrors are moved by a magnetic handle. Light paths can be drawn directly on its top with erasable markers.
Chlorine Test Stand - While at CUNO Inc, a world-wide leader in water filtration, I built several automated filter test stands in CUNO's Advanced Test Engineering Laboratory. They included a Chlorine Test Stand, capable of automatically running a 20+ hour test on up to 6 filters. It measures the amount of chlorine removed from water over time by test-filters, and controls the PH of the inlet water in real-time.