ECOS Street Lights (2015)

One interesting challenge in designing for the Internet of Things is emergent configurations, ie., temporary assemblies of devices acting as a coherent system from the user's point of view. As an initial experiment in our ECOS research project, we designed and prototyped a traffic light system to provide energy-efficient light and increased traffic awareness.

The prototype was built as a miniature using Scalextric cars. The lamp posts are connected in a scalable ring architecture; each of them runs the same modular code for sensing vehicles, communicating with neighbors and controlling its own lights.

A collaboration between the Internet of Things and People research center at Malmö University ( and Sigma Technology (

Prototype: Thi Hellqvist, Emmie Johansson.
Project team: Alixander Ansari, Romina Spalazzese, Jörgen Sällberg, Mikael Thonell.
Creative lead: Jonas Löwgren.

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Jonas Löwgren
Professor Eksjö, Sweden