The basic view, showing the main list of topicalized learning resources (including textbook contents as well as third-party material, student work, etc). Facets for browsing are in the left column, preview on the right. The top bar contains special facets related to the place of the material in the pedagogical plan.
The top bar slides down to show the pedagogical plan (curriculum) and current state of progress.
Elementary tools for teachers to maintain the content.
Teachers can construct topic maps, presenting specific selections of topics in a set order and annotated. This can be used to create a minimum-level curriculum for reaching a Pass grade in a specific class, or as a way to provide an advance organizer to a set of topics, for instance.
When a topic map is done, it occupies a reserved spot on top of the topic list.
Elementary tools for teachers to maintain the planning-related facets.
Learning resources (2013)

Exploring the use of electronic learning resources in senior high school, and specifically the role of established textbook publishers in a future of increasing availability of open educational resources online.

Key idea is to integrate different kinds of resources in a topicalized information base that is seeded by commercial texkbook content and grows organically through use by teachers and students.

With Marcus Ander and Ulf Wagner of Gleerups, and Kristian Lindgren, Jonas Nilsson and Birgitta Rydby of Skolstaden Helsingborg.

Category: Collaborative media.

Jonas Löwgren
Professor Eksjö, Sweden