Myviva (JAZZ Pharmaceuticals). iPhone app for PCPs to interact with patients about symptoms of fibromyalgia. Doctor asked patient to locate sites of pain
Diagram appears reflecting pain sites of patient
After at least 11 pressure sites are located, app concludes symptoms are indicative of fibromyalgia
App question about use or misuse of drugs or alcohol
Once HCP concludes condition is likely to be fibromyalgia, app locates a specialist in the area to prescribe medication
Interactive- iPhone app for fibromyalgia treatment

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder in soft-tissue characterized by pain upon applied pressure. This iPhone app was used to aid HCPs diagnose fibromyalgia based on symptoms describes by their patients in a Q&A format that would lead to a specialist in the area

Jon Medwick
Integrated Copywriter/ Healthcare New York, NY