I believe User Experience Design is about defining dynamic and interactive qualities of products and services, while seeking to understand how people experience them. My interests include interactive and emotional aspects of both industrial and digital design. I am a brazilian UX designer working at ContaAzul, a brazilian startup that helps entrepreneurs of small businesses to manage their financial tasks through a easy-to-use cloud-based service. It has received several national and international awards and press coverage. Previously have worked as interaction designer at Whirlpool Latin America, where I joined a great range of projects eith focus on user experience, design research, creation and validation, connected to product design and branding.


CeBIT 2008 | Feb 2008 “HIT Social Shopping Advice 2.0” selected by IF Design, Germany. Group project. Yahoo! Design Expo 06 | Aug 2006 “KeepTrack”. Group project. Alcoa Aluminium Innovation Award 2005 | Oct 2005 3rd place with project “FIT! Domestic Exercise Bike”. Group project. Designboom “Home of 2020” | Oct 2005 selection and online exhibition of “MODO dishwasher” (from Electrolux Design Lab 04). Group project. Microsoft Design Research’05 | Feb / Mai 2005 from theme “Time: remembering, organizing and sharing”, it was focused on presenters and their relation with time. Group project. The Elements of Typographic Style / Cosac Naify | Apr 2004 honorable mention. Group project. Electrolux Design Lab | Feb / Apr 2004 3rd place at local phase. Development of kitchen appliances to the year of 2019. Group project.

Experience & Education