Hey! I’m Jacqueline Tollington. I love simple design and I try to explore its relationship to sustainability and animal rights as often as possible. I believe that thoughtful, ethical and simple design should be the only type of design out there, and that it should be used to produce positive change whenever possible. However, I also have a darker side that I tend to express through art and photography. This side is constantly fascinated with gothic-inspired aesthetics, anatomical studies, rage, depression and sorrow. I think of this work as a type of personal exorcism for my own negativity. I hope you enjoy my design and artwork!


Jacqueline's Product Design, Perspectives Puzzles, has been published in several online journals. Check it out at Mocoloco.com http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2012/08/02/perspectives-puzzles-by-jacqueline-tollington.php

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