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Hello, I'm a graphic artist, designer and childrens book illustrator with 10 years background. I love working worldwide and being an inspired freelancer for all my life. I'm aware of how accurate and punctual a person should be to lead projects on a remote basis with publishing houses all over the world, to never miss deadlines :-) I'm proud of the fact that I'm always on the ball. Besides illustration projects, I have an international online shop based on Etsy, where I expose and sell my textile artwork. You can view my Shop in links below. I'm gladly open for illustration project offers, as well as custom orders on my Textile art. I also sell my Neurographica pictures. *** After having finished Moscow Academic Art Lyceum, I continued to study graphic arts at the Sourikoff State Art Institute, and then took courses on print industry at Moscow Fyodoroff Polygraphy Institute. My career of an illustrator started with the largest publishing houses of Russia - "Mozaika-Sintez", "Machaon", "Prosveshcheniye". At present time I work with American publishing house Outskirts press ltd. located in CO, USA.

Experience & Education