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Night Club "Kablys"

"Kablys" is a Culture Bar situated in the city center, close to Vilnius railway station. This is the former Palace of Railway Workers, it was build in the Soviet Union.
"Kablys" in English means The Hook - this name was given after independence resumption: In 1994, when the fasade was decorated with an ironic sculpture of an iron hook. At that time this building became a place for youth culture events.
The concept of interior is closely related to the historical meaning of this building. Interior spaces are dynamic, constantly changing and has some mysterious vibe.The roots at interior ceilings symbolizes the beginning of informal underground activities and freedom. This place is famous because of very active culture life of different subcultures under the same roof.The Interior project was made considering the fact that all spaces sometimes needs to be changed for occasional events.

Justina Laurinaityte
Interior Designer Vilnius, Lithuania