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The focus of this project was to re design the Rockler Dust Bucket. This product was already a big hit with our customers and did a good job collecting dust around the router table, but the bucket needed an aesthetic design update as well as new features such as a dual port. The inspiration was based on modern flat packed sheet metal design.
The focus of the ideation was, adding unique sheet metal patterns as well as figuring out a good way to incorporate a dual port dust port. We knew that the bucket would be held together by self tapping screws. This is something that the old bucket used and customers liked.
Prototyping was very critical in this project. All of the holes for the self tapping screws had to line up just right and create a sturdy shape that doesn't rattle when the router is running. The dual port also had to have a shape that is convenient for the dust collection hose to run to the top of the router table.
The door has a magnetic catch to make accessing the router easy.
The dual port can mount on the back and side of the bucket to accommodate different shop layouts. The 4 inch opening in the dual port runs to the dust collector. and the 2.5" opening runs to the dust port on the router fence.
There are rubber pads on the hanging bracket that create a buffer between the table and the bucket to reduce noise. The hanging brackets can also be mounted on the front or sides of the bucket to accommodate different router tables.
The vent is to adjust the amount of suction coming from the dust collector to the table.
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Dust Right Dust Bucket By Rockler

this is a re design of an old Rockler product called the Dust Bucket. A bucket that surrounds a router mounted to a router table, and pulls in the dust that is created from the router bit.

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Jay Owens
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