Layout, Typesetting, Foto adjusting
Adjacent sides from book "Do not be affraid of mathematics" by R. Chajda. (Lyaout, illustration, typesetting)
Typesetting of language textbooks - Czech-Italian, Czech-Spain, Czech-Russian, Czech-Chinesse, ...
Birds and law (Cover) - lyaout, illustrations, typesetting
Birds and law (Adjacent inner pages) - lyaout, illustrations, typesetting
Landscape’s story (Layout of book cover for Lipka (Educational institution for environmental training in Brno)
Work sheets for ecological education (Lipka) - layout
Book layout and typesetting

Long term cooperation with ComputerPress Agency (Albatros Media now), mainly in the field of language textbooks typesetting.

Jiri Kalacek
Freelance graphic designer, illustrator and pre-press specialist Brno, Czech Republic