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Yellow Trail - North Salem, NY
Wrinkles - Cold Springs, NY
Untitled - Glasgow, Scotland.
Things - Experimental photography involving expired chemicals, development of film with out film spool, and development of film with foreign objects in film tank.
Greenhouse Jungle - Glasgow, Scotland. Botanical gardens
Pansies - Part of my experimental photography series.
Wah-wah Stick
Flat Flower - karl blossfeldt? anyone?
Vein Leaf
Stripped - you can see me in the reflection!
Super Shell
Shell on White
Burnt Shell
Tiny Horse - this little guy is the size of my thumbnail.
Death and the Sea Horse - he's really really really dead. :-(
Traffic Flow - Cyanotype print on cardboard.
Bugskin - Cyanotype print
Early Morning Night Time - Van Dyke print
(the blue speckling is caused by washing with a cyanotype print)
The Apples
Outhouse Orchards
Buddhist Monastery
Wickenden Street
Mill Street Bicycle
Self Portrait
Portrait of a SuicideGirl - 35mm print.
Mahopac Laundry Mat
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