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TITEVE Beach Brush for TERRA-NATION GmbH (www.terra-nation.com)

Sunset at the horizon, after a relaxing day at the beach its time to get back home and...awh!...sand and beach dirt stuck on our skin and gear. Annoying, isn’t it?
Wanting to resolve this inconvenient feeling, Titeve was the idea that would give the solution.
Made of two interlocking plastic parts, the green one fitted with soft bristles for skin comfort and the blue with hard ones for rougher surfaces, the brushes are exposed for use just by popping in and out the rubber cups.
Compact, light and efficient it can be carried to every beach day and not only.
AHU Book Page Holder for TERRA-NATION GmbH (www.terra-nation.com)

One of the most common activities while relaxing and tanning on hot summer days is reading.
Reading that can become almost a “nightmare” when you need to constantly change positions to relax your arms from the book weight and when pages are turned from the wind.
MOE Beach Towels Range for Terra-Nation GmbH
TEHEMOE Beach Mat for Terra-Nation GmbH
TUPA Modular Camping Tend for Terra-Nation GmbH
KALEIDOSCOPE 2015 Product Range Sales Presentation Gift for Terra-Nation GmbH
PEN HOLDER 2014 Product Range Sales Presentation Gift for Terra-Nation GmbH
PHONE HOLDER 2013 Product Range Sales Presentation Gift for Terra-Nation GmbH
Bowls - design proposal for ITALESSE s.r.l. Design Brief 2012
Wine Stopper - design proposal for ITALESSE s.r.l. Design Brief 2012
Wine Stopper - design proposal for ITALESSE s.r.l. Design Brief 2012
SKAL Bioethanol Fireplace

Fire...a meeting place, a center of attraction, a point of contemplation and purification.
Keeping in mind those attributes “SKAL” is born.
A sculptural and very modern bioethanol fireplace that in it’s own “rigid fluidity” decorates, when not in use the surrounding space and when lit gives importance to the flame it self with light plays, shadows and transparence.
An “altar” for a physical element that accompanied us from ancient times.
OBLO Bioethanol Fireplace

oblo’ is designed to combine the most of the aesthetics and affordability by balancing those two attributes together.
Compact in dimensions to fit in any space and with an almost infinite range of models and styles only by changing the front decor, the oblo’ gives a first role to the flame when lit and decorates when not.
A product that could be assembled and mounted by the client, it is a “must have”
for any modern home,
apartment, loft or public space.
KOILOS Heat Radiator

Beautiful, blended in, efficient.
The very minimal, slick and reflective form makes it very appealing to the eye in every space (commercial, business or home) and at the same time blends in with all the other objects in the environment making it non noticeable but yet peculiar because it doesn't feel at all like a radiator.
The “koilos” is efficient, less energy consuming and minimizes expenses from production, transportation to installation thanks to the Thermally Conductive Plastic Compound (TCPC), a material that conducts heat like metal and uniformly spread it over its surface.
The concave design helps collect the cold air currents that are bouncing on the walls exploiting the back face of the radiator too.
The peripheral silicone bumper helps to protect the exterior surface from every day unwanted shocks.
Last but not least, the absence of gaps makes the cleaning very easy!
ATHENA, bench for the city of Athens

From an urbanistical point of view the city hasn't changed so much from the early days when people where not acting in such a frenetic way.
Something is missing from those days, that filling to just sit and enjoy the city.
That is the filling that “Athena” bench, in its modern way, would like to re-give to the city of Athens.
Using gentle and nostalgic lines to soften hard materials (steel), hardwood to avoid strange fillings of too hot or too cold and accorgements like the arm giving to the elders a support when sitting or rising, a high back avoiding the bad habit of “bench back sitting” resulting to an always dirty bench…we will begin to see those pictures that always touched us (a lady with a book, an elder couple still in love or just some guys laughing) and ,why not, maybe we can fit in one of those!
FARI Candle Holders

A lighthouse on a rock in a stormy day.
That was the picture that I had in mind when I first decided to design the beside candleholders. In fact, except the form, I was trying to transfer all the romance of that picture in a product that is not only meant to decorate our home but also to light our most magic moments.
And there it was…a heavy and monolithic shape that at a first glance could characterize the toughness of a lighthouse balanced by the selection of cozy materials that, completing the picture, are bringing the romance to life.
Then, when the shadows prevailed, the time came to light the candles and the magic happened. The impressive and powerful shapes that were decorating our home in the day just vanished and three gentle warm lighted rings floating in the dark appeared from nowhere, giving us that sense of safeness and serenity as would be felt by the old seaman's when finally seeing the blink of the lighthouse in the horizon.
mini FARI Candle Holders

After the FARI were built, I was always felting the need to complete the range. This time in a playful way almost as a gadget!

The nature of the construction is to protect you from the sun and at the same time giving a “private” space in the beach without separating you totally from the others.
All that not only thanks to its circular shape which it might be the best form for sun block coverage, rain drainage and air circulation but also thanks to its custom designed tarpaulins that allows air ventilation and visibility.
The all construction is ditched in the sand and with its round shape our eye can blend it totally in the environment, as an old wooden boat laying on the beach would have done.
Finally, fixed in the ground by four concrete anchors, the construction is more than stable and ready to face all Mediterranean weather conditions.
LECYGNE Napkin Holder

Luxurious dresses, maybe some important persons too and of course all those tables setted up with the top rules of "art de la table".
Something was missing...all those fine linen napkins stuffed in crystal glasses in awkward and unnatural shapes, just couldn't fit the picture.
Here is where my inspiration came and "lecygne" makes its entrance.
A napkin holder that embrace the napkin becoming one with it, a "jewel" on the table even when it stands alone.
In pure shiny silver with the firm and precious properties that characterizes it, "lecygne" is crafted in a gentle and fluid form allowing the cloth to just be in its own grace.
Also the design, from a certain view, reminds the gentle pose of a swan and there to me is all the beauty, because is not just a product to hold napkins but harmonically completing it or vice versa.
LEGGIO Book Holder
MicroRC Rescue Helicopter
PMMA Photo Frames
ANIMALS WITH VIRTUES - Sensual & stimulating fragrance

Animals with Virtues is a product concived in collaboration with designer Valentino Marengo.
The whole concept is based in combining the qualities of each animal with the properties of the natural essential oils, included in the package, that of course characterize each of them.
The goal is to stimulate our senses in a beneficial way...so just pour the natural essential oil on the felt animal and enjoy!!
STEMWARE DECOR for Evans&Taylor
WATER JUG for Evans&Taylor
WINE DECANTER for Evans&Taylor
FLATWARE for Evans&Taylor
MUGS for YALCO s.a.
MUG for YALCO s.a.
ALL IN ONE PC (year 2005)
Freelance, Full-time
Kim Katinis
Industrial Designer Athens, Greece