[CAMPAIGN] Travel - Design and production on brochure, ticket jacket, sell sheets for an adventure cruiseline to Costa Rica and the Panama Canal
[BROCHURE] Art Publishing - Design, production and all corporate identity for Artspectrum publishing.
[INVITATION] Fundraiser - Early 60s theme fundraiser for the young crowd. Design and production, two samples.
[SELL SHEETS] Financial - Design and production for financial and scientific clients. Two samples same job.
[BROCHURE] Airline - Design and production for Latin American Airline leave behind. Flies flowers, etc. to the U.S.
[BROCHURE] Corporate - Brand identity and leave behind brochure for Reliant Industries.
[BROCHURE] Airline - Leave behind brochure for EB Airfoils. Die cut back pocket.
[BROCHURE] Show House - Daniel Island Show House brochure for American Homestyle magazine.
[BROCHURE] Upholstery - Airline uphostery company brochure.
[INVITATION] Fundraiser - Heart & Stroke ball invitations
[BROCHURE] Commercial Real Estate - Commercial Real Estate brochure and folder leave behind.
Kim Katz
Graphic Designer Fort Lauderdale, FL