Football for dummies - Illustration to accompany story about teaching the basics of football to people who only tune in for the Super Bowl.
Of grave concern
Halloween reading
Like hogs to a trough - Illustration for story about the copious amounts of food football players eat at training camp.
Southern livin' Maryland?
Wrasslin' with time
Sunscreened - Story about taking steps to protect one's skin from the harmful effects of too much sun.
Tourists - Illustration for story about the typical Virginian tourist.
A Day at the Races - Illo for story about Strawberry Field horse races.
Beer, Bourbon and BBQ - Illo for story about yearly B,B&BBQ festival
Red or white? - Illo for story about the "duel" over what is the better clam sauce--red or white.
Friendship cake - Illo for story about how getting a friendship cake is maybe not such a good thing.
Kitchen nightmares - Illo for story about recipes that go horribly awry.
Ho-Ho-WHOA! - Illo for story about a Tacky Lights Tour.
Oscars '09 - Illo for story about how Oscar tends to ignore big-budget blockbusters for lower-budget "art" films.
Kerry Talbott
Kerry P. Talbott Illustrations Richmond, VA