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LRT Station idea sketch #01
Building #1
HDPE - High Desity Polyethylene - Eco Friendly (Base Bottle) Main Features - Bottle, Filter Part, Replaceable flavor cartridge part using valve system, Water spout, Filter allows easy fill up from any water Exploded view shows that partially threaded screw allows the cap to be open easily.Flavor flow system will be combined to main cap by turning lock system with thread and water filter will be the next part to purify water. steel hook help the user connect any strings as a portable bottle.
This concept is more convenient way to change the flavor cartridge because water spout and flavor cartridge combined as one. And it is connected to water filter system. And it can be used together or sparately depending on the cleanness of water. When you sell the flavor cartridge, you can see very cheap and cost effective package design and each cartridge with each company's logo and flavor, so the user easily recognizes taste and brand.
The top part of the cap has a tap which allows the user to push back to use water spout.
This concept is more marketable. For sports player, biker, or business men & women who are going to gym after work, Illuminate part makes your bike visible at night.
2 separate molds - blow molding (Pastic main bottle) Possible for injection modling, Die Casting, Rotation molding depending on the number of product. Connect to beverage firms and users buying flavor cartridges - variety of customized flavors. Cylinder shaped vavle system allows the water flows by pushing the cap upward. And left bottom image shows how to lock the water flow by the inner shape of flavor cartridge system. There are two parts help the bottle to be functioned properly, One is flavor flow system which has blades for cutting flavor cartridge and another one is water filter enables the user to use any water.
This concept shows using two water filters and 2 flavor cartridge in one bottle. This system allows user can mix 2 different flavors by one bottle or you can use just one filter and flavor system then replace another one.
LS box base cover (Injection molding)
Research 01 Luxurious watches
Research 02 Watch Strap
Run from hatred ... - My most happiest moment is the time to draw something since it makes me forget bad things. i love drawing whether i am a good drawer or not. it doesn't really matter to me.
Mini van
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Car sketches #8. Green
Pets' store
mushroom - shape inspiration 2010
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