Lobby Feature Wall
Original painting reproduced on plexiglass panels with 3-form overlay and integrated media.
Stairwell Mural
Photography printed on vinyl wallcovering. Each floor has a unique image designed to entice users to access the stairs rather than an elevator.
Lobby Sculpture
Formed glass ginkgo leaves supported by a metal frame. This 19 foot high sculpture was designed and manufactured in Portland and hangs from the skylight in the main lobby.
Nurse Station and Patient Room Panels
Orignal artwork printed on laminate. Each floor has a unique theme, with individual art panels on each nurse station and next to the door of each patient room.
Elevator Lobby Feature Wall
To enhance wayfinding, the main elevator lobbies have panels with art printed on tempered glass that cooresponds to the theme for that floor. The panels include poems selected from submissions by regional poets for a contest specifically for this project.
Art Consultation- Kaiser WMC

Kaiser Westside Medical Center- Art Package
Completed 2012
I was a member of the project team with Studio Art Direct for the programming, curation and commissioning of 900+ works of art by regional artists. The concept was "Tranquil Relief Through Nature" with an emphasis on the evidence based design theory that elements of nature can aid in healing.

Photography by Steve Cridland and Janelle Baglien

Lacey Bartels
Interior Designer Portland, OR