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Emaar - Downtown Design 2014

The Stand was one of the booths designed in the Downtown Design 2014 event in Dubai and Hong Kong. The design aimed to display Emaar properties in a unique manner and artistically convey their capabilities. So main entertainment is the Oculus rift Technology: an interactive virtual reality head mounted display It's is programmed and designed according to the buildings that will be constructed in the future. People can live the experience even if the building does not exist yet. It stimulate the senses of the space as if they are experiencing the real world!
The other interlining and eye catching idea was the hologram presentation; An interactive, three dimensional model laser projector, Presenting Emaar Properties.
There are Two meeting areas available in the stand. Each meeting area consist of two chairs, and a touchable screen table which enables visitors to navigate through brochures and projects electronically.

Larah Burhani
Interior Architect / Interior Designer Dubai, United Arab Emirates