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The Big 5 - 2014 - M.A.H.Y KHOORY

The Booth design was addressed to The M.A.H.Y KHOORY company specializing in the paper trading. The concept was intended to evoke an architectural design within a rectangular space measuring 12 by 8 meters. The architectural structure embodies the reception, displays and storage within the design framework. The continuous design is lessening the complexity of the structure, on the other hand it's exhibiting it's simplicity in the overall look

The predominant color white accent in gray and blue are the M.A.H.Y KHOORY's signature color. The blue color is embodied in the simple blue lights. The gray color was dominating the semi-interior spaces to change the feel of the space into a more private and closed space. The change in the colors between the spaces is defining the area function.

Larah Burhani
Interior Architect / Interior Designer Dubai, United Arab Emirates