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Linjen is the vision of a Scandinavian high-speed rail. It aims to create enthusiasm and debate in the public, something that will push the politicians to make decisions in favour of a high-speed rail network. To do this, a concept of exterior design and brand strategy has been created to produce realistic and exciting visualizations.
The exterior design concept is bold in form and material, for it is better to have people loving or hating it – rather than just ignoring it. Contributing to and creating a stir in the debate is important because we need to deal with these questions now, not just put them on hold.

Most striking in the design is the high risen ends, showing confidence to shrug of the hard weather of the north. The form portrays a vehicle shaped by the forces of nature, something also reflected by the use of copper. This material will change through time, first to darker red and later to the characteristic green patina. This will give an extremely strong identity to the product and brand, and differentiate the Scandinavian high-speed rail from any other network out there.
Read more about a possible Scandinavian high-speed rail network at 8millioncity.com.
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Linjen – The Scandinavian High-Speed Rail

We need a high-speed rail network in Scandinavia. It will enable a more sustainable mode of transportation, it will shorten travel times and it will make Scandinavia a more attractive region.

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Thomas Larsen Røed
MA industrial design Oslo, Norway