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Bangkok on the Beach Poster - Bangkok on the Beach is a festival I created that celebrates healthy living the Thai way, with the concept being: mind, body, and soul. I used Illustrator to create the Illustration of the mask. It was then placed into InDesign where the final layout was done. It is consistent with all the materials that go along with the campaign.
Bangkok on the Beach Program Spread - This a part of the 12-page program guide I created for Bangkok on the Beach. It includes all the activities that would take place, the times, and a brief history. The writing is my own. Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign were used.
Bus Stop Advertisement - Bus advertisement promoting the Bangkok on the Beach event. My own photography with a 3.2 mega pixel Canon PowerShot A75. Photoshop was used to place the image on the bus stop.
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Gingarte Capoeira Women's Event 2010 T-Shirt Design - T-shirt design for Gingarte Capoeira 7th Annual Women's Event, 2010.
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Gingarte Capoeira Women's Event 2010 4x6 flyer. Front of flyer: top. Back of flyer: bottom.
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Illustration and Typography
Latosha Noakes
Senior Visual + GUI Designer Chicago, IL