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In store (wobbler) signage to be hung at shelf level.
Front panel for a direct mail piece.
Facebook carousel social post. Products had mostly been laid out by another designer, which I then picked up and made some minor changes to carry out through completion/release (including modifying background etc.)
Not designed by me, but closely based on design concepts I built. An example of how this concept translated to web.
A trigger email that animates. Animation also leveraged for a social post (video link ad).
Trigger email for earned rewards.
Email banner
Also not designed by me. But an example of how my concept translated to circular.
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CVS Health®–Beauty Rewards Campaign

Design Concept for Beauty Rewards Campaign that was adapted across many different print and digital channels. BeautyClub® members received visual communications notifying them that the threshold for getting their beauty rewards had changed, so that they could get to their reward "faster" when they bought certain beauty products. This was originally designed to be promotional and disruptive in nature, arriving around the summer timeframe.

Lauren Criscione
Graphic Designer Grafton, MA