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Book Cover Designs: grill pan cookbook / new chairs - Two different book cover designs I created during my Adult Trade Design Fellowship at Chronicle Books.
Book Cover and Interior Design: Ascending Chaos: The Art of Masami Teraoka 1966-2006 - A freelance project I took over after my Adult Trade Design Fellowship concluded at Chronicle Books. The layout was originally established by another designer, but had to undergo many changes and additions. The book’s specs are 9.75” x 11.25” hard cover with 244 pages and includes three gatefolds.
Book Cover and Interior Design: Michael Chiarello's Flavored Oils and Vinegars - A re-design, combining two older versions of Michael Chiarello’s cookbooks on flavored oils and flavored vinegars. The page count, original photos, and copy for recipes remained the same; the text had to be black. Changes include : typefaces, layout, and bringing in color. Pictured is the cover, part and chapter openers, recipe layouts (some recipes had to fit 2 to a page), and a tint test of the colors to be incorporated into a new system.
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Lauren Criscione
Graphic Designer Grafton, MA