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Package Design: Starburst ® - A snack food packaging re-design, while considering ideas of form, typography, color and consumer interests. Considerations also included creating two varieties of the same product at different sizes.
(L) Gouache Color Study: Gladiola (R) Photography and Study: Hand, Horizon, & Violin - (L): A gouache watercolor painting study of a gladiola. The project also required that the completed painting then be scanned, vectorized, and printed to color match. (R): Using images to create a dynamic composition, where the goal is to express three words only. Thinking of words as images/symbols, simplifying, and making meaning.
Brochure Design: German Exhibit - Brochure design for an exhibit of German prints entitled: Print, Power and Persuasion. The full system includes a logo, letterhead, envelope, brochure, museum introductory panel, artifact labels, and an outdoor sign. The space and location considered for the exhibit is Rhode Island School of Design's Museum of Art.
Book Design: Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis + Charlotte Perkins-Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper - Typographic book design and book binding project: Combining two texts to create a purely typographic book to best compliment and portray the subject matter. Type and layout begin traditionally set on white paper, which then begins to transition by being interspersed with a yellow paper and bold characteristic handwritten font; towards the end a page folds out with large garish type, and lastly an actual handwritten section folds out as an enlarged spread; endleaves are made of yellow wallpaper.
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Lauren Criscione
Graphic Designer Grafton, MA