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Radia Cell Phone
3D Model / Photoshop - 3D model with some Photoshop work for effect
Photoshop Rendering - Photoshop rendering of the final design for the phone
3D Model / Photoshop - Detail of power button on the 3D model
Detail Design - Photoshop rendering of the materials and details of the design
Featured article on Core77.com - This is the Core77.com homepage with my design for the Radia Cell Phone at the top of the list.
yankodesign.com featured article - This is my featured page for the design at www.yankodesign.com
Chute Smartphone - A More Natural Solution
Chute Ideation
Chute Final Design
TR Tablet
TR Tablet
TR Tablet Prototype at CES
TR Tablet
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Michael Laut
President, Creative Director - Laut Design, Inc. Raleigh, NC