Designed for the cuddly Belgian brand Noukie's.
This line of furniture, available in white and taupe, completes their vision of a 100% Noukie-baby world and it evolves with the children as they grow.
The collection of door handles feature many of Noukie's famous characters.
Junior cot bed
Transformed Junior Bed
Drawer Chest
Drawer chest & playpen
Toy chest
Baby clothes hanger
full furniture line
Retail furniture line according to Noukie's brand identity.
Self standing corner modules and 'gondole' customizable exhibits, as well as flat exhibits -floor and surfaces-.
Retail furniture line.
Self standing exhibit and inter-connectable module.
Noukie's Zermatt & Chamonix

Design and technical development of Zermatt and Chamonix childrens' furniture. Relevant assembly manuals for each piece of furniture were also developed.
Also designed future a retail furniture line, decorative handles and their packaging.

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Maria Lecanda
Industrial designer and professional photographer Belgium