Critique Poster - The final A1 poster than explains the main points of the project. This can viewed fully by clicking on the magnifying glass that says "PDF File".
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Close up - Zooming in on the train like mechanism of the clothes rack - each disk is connected via coupling rods.
Four Flip Clothes Drying Rack - This is a redesign of the standard clothes drying rack. The idea of the project was to make clothes drying easier to the disabled and elderly.
Partially working prototype - Built from bits and bobs in the work shop, this prototype was used to demonstrate the mechanisms applied.
Inclusive Clothes Drying 2010

My individual project in fourth year was aimed at increasing the ease at which the elderly and disabled could dry their clothes. The solution is a wall mounted rack that folds flush to the wall to allow space for wheelchair access. All of the rails are connected using a coupling device allowing the full rack to be pulled into position in one movement.

Laura McNeill
Jaguar Land Rover Graduate Newark, United Kingdom