Bet Williams, The 11th Hour CD—This CD package was designed for Epiphany Record's artist, Bet Williams—a singer/songwriter with a 30-year fan base. Bet's most recent released is titled "The 11th Hour"—as if it was her last calling.

The illustrations used throughout this trifold, 3- panel CD pak with pocket for songbook, were created by combining various photographs that slowly became illustrative and painterly in nature. The idea was to create a story-like design that was compelling with a sense of wonderment.

The pocket watch holds obvious relevance, with it's hands on the 11th hour. The black bird symbolizes knowledge offered to those who already hold the secrets.

The whole CD embraces a kind of mystique that really appealed to Bet. A lot of her songs have hidden messages.
Koresh Dance Company - La Bal Noir Poster—Designed for international dance company's annual show. Images of dancers were layered and highlights were manipulated to establish a mood that aligned with the program.
Koresh Dance Company - Tradeshow Banner - Event banner used at trade show booth to promote the company. There were many images available to use. I chose to showcase them using a layered approach so that the underlying palette created harmony among such a variety.
Epiphany Project in Berlin Postcard—This postcard is part of a direct marketing campaign used to promote and advertise an upcoming show for the internationally known band, Epiphany Project. The logo was also custom designed.
Epiphany Project in Berlin Poster and Email—This poster (also used as an email mailing) is part of a direct marketing campaign used to promote and advertise an upcoming show for the internationally known band, Epiphany Project. The logo is also custom designed.
Philadelphia Film Festival Program Book—Included cover plus inside pages. Logo shown was also designed and used on other promotional materials like t-shirts. The imagery was inspired by one of the films in the festival and was used on posters and websites to promote the event. Client commented that this was their most successful Festival Cover.
edge Magazine - Magazine, premiere issue for a Global Event Marketing Company. This 20-page plus cover promotional piece was designed to support an RFP and present the company's capabilities in a unique way. Cover and IFC shown.
Epiphany Project - CD Insert - CD package design (see previous pic) showing the inside of the book that opens further as a gate fold to reveal a 4 panel interior. Entire package also included tray card and CD design.
AIGA Event Poster - Poster advertising an AIGA event. World Studio was invited to speak to local graphic design students as well as professionals about their company which focuses on helping not only their local community but communities world wide through art and education.
Tiki Soiree Invitation - Invitation for a Tiki party. The simple, cost affective, one-color design was enhanced with very tactile text and cover stock and binding devices (stick and string) - which also enhanced the overall theme of the event. Translucent, colored envelopes were used to show off the cover of the invite before opening.

Music CD, compete with booklet insert, for an independent record label.

Stacie Hampton
Creative Director/Graphic Design Philadelphia, PA