FIREYE Fire Alarm + Extinguisher - This is a junior level project. It is a fire alarm that detects the fire and puts it out within the crucial first minute of ignition.
Glash Incense Burner - This is a freshman year project to develope a household product using slumpled glass, rubber, and metal.
L3 Integrated Chaeckpoint - L3 Communications Integrated Checkpoint security System covers. Bin Return System, Sniffer, 3D-Body scanner, and Metal Detector.
retroUSB retroPort
BauHauswares Iron - This piece was designed sophomore year as a study in ratios and the golden rectangle. The handle assures your wrist stays at 180° while ironing.
Electronic Diplomat remorte - This is my Interaction Design project developed at the beginning of my junior year. The concept of a Universal remote control is taken to the next level by setting up 2 screens, one for rare commands and a touch screen for the ones we use everyday. The remote is macro friendly and by pressing 1 button, a complete chain of commands can occur. Devices also work together by source. (One audio source etc..)
Grocery Manager - This is a junior level project. It is designed to scan and keep track of grocery goods and create a database of all the items in your pantry and fridge for the user to interact with.
Misha Young
president, Logic Designworks LLC Cupertino, CA