EBPP (Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment) marketing graphic
EPSIIA Bill4orma marketing graphic
"People Make a Difference Week" - Poster for "People Make a Difference Week" at EPSIIA Corporation.
AAA's One-Stop Shop - This was an enormous 3-panel piece I designed for a trade show.
Lisa battles Darth Moll. Yeah, she won. - Fellow EPSIIAN of the 3rd kind and I. Halloween 2006/EPSIIA Corp.
News Magazine Covers - News magazine covers for EPSIIA's internal employee news mag. This was GREAT fun to work on. Too much fun. I came up with the gopher mascot/concept because every time I opened the doors leading into the developers/programmers areas, they would all pop their heads up one after the other and look up over their cubicles...like gophers. They loved it and we all had great fun with it. I will post some internal page spreads from the mags soon!
inside spread from "@EPSIIA" newsletter
"@EPSIIA" employee news mag - inside spread (2006)
Halloween digital collages for "@EPSIIA" employee news mag - 2006
Client First logo and ad in "@EPSIIA" employee news mag - 2006

We liked to go large at EPSIIA and loved to have big fun laughing with and at each other.
I love outer space and carried that theme in V:4 news mag.
EPSIIA Fitness Challenge Certificate - Not only was I a graphic designer and sales/marketing support at EPSIIA Corp., I was also their Wellness Coordinator! I am an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer since 2004, and EPSIIANS were able to utilize me to learn about nutrition and fitness and establish custom plans right for them. I had big fun coordinating healthy activities and designed collateral for our Wellness Events. My team during the Fitness Challenge was "Running w/ Scissors!" (2006)
Graphic for PowerPoint presentation - (2006)
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