IMPRINT miso bowl - A miso bowl with indentations for fingers, referencing cultural mannerisms.
TRI side table - Salvaged steel rod, wire mesh and a carefully selected glass table top.
TACTUS lighting object - Lights mounted onto springs creates a fun, tactile, flexible light sculpture.
TACTUS lighting object - Small lightbulbs encased in ping-pong balls, eachattached to a spring, mounted on wooden ribs cut using a computer automated router.
This sculpture creates interesting ambient lighting.
InterfaCeD CD storage system - A CD storage system inspired by the Bauhaus. With the push of a button, a CD is pushed out of the enclosure via a simple lever mechanism inside.
IGUANA pull toy - Wooden toy that walks as it rolls. Flexible segmented tail follows behind.
Perfume Vial - An existing perfume vial modeled using Alias Studio Tools 12.0
custom japanese divider
assembling TV console
hand rigged sander
assembling custom TV console
659design custom TV console
659design side table
GAP custom store display
Product Design