Shears in the Cloud Identity Logo & Promotional materials. Used by permission.
BBQ Wars Logo - Variations. Design, Illustration. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
“Marshmallow Dream Lab” fictitious name & logo for in-class demo to teach typography, Adobe Illustrator skills, and production skills. Students brainstormed ideas to come up with the name of our "design lab" for the year and worked on their own logo ideas. They were required to version the logos in RGB, CMYK, Spot, and Black Ink. They were also required to present the logos large and small with swatch samples and correct match system production information.
50th Anniversary Emblem for "Colleagues" magazine publication of Grand Valley State University College of Education. Printed in CMYK and spot gold metallic ink.
Logo for special marketing project—film promotion "Min Min and the Magic Garden". Design. Adobe Illustrator.
Logo for Chinese Village, a learning environment for American born & Adopted Chinese children to learn their culture at a pre-school level. Illustration, design. Adobe Photoshop.
JST Rite Guitars Company Logo. Custom Made Guitar company. Adobe Illustrator
JST Rite Guitars Logo Icons for Merchandise and other applications. Adobe Illustrator
ProFit Logo for ProFit product line, National Nail Corporation. Used by permission. Adobe Illustrator
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