A friend asked for a design based around the words 'Be Safe.' She wanted a very traditional tattoo style and I suggested a few different symbols of safety or protection to go with the lettering. Of these, she liked the anchor and swallows best, as they fit with the style she wanted. This was my initial design.
She liked the style, but asked if the design could be simpler and more symmetrical. This was the finished outcome.
Another Cribs inspired tattoo, this time with lyrics from 'Save Yr Secrets.' We discussed a few different ways to visually represent a shared secret - locks and keys, sealed envelopes... the original idea for this featured two skulls, but this wasn't quite her aesthetic, so we changed them to rabbits, picking up on another line in the same song. She wasn't sure exactly how she wanted the letting to be oriented, so I supplied two designs, so she could decide with the tattooist which works best.
A tattoo of Hectate - multi-faced Goddess of the Moon/feminist witch.
Tattoo Designs

Like most people who can draw, from time to time I get asked to design a tattoo. Here are a few I've done recently.

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