Email (Watch Bar) - Email to promote the Watch Bar/Build Your Own Watch concept. This one was targeted towards Fossil's female customers, and a similar email was designed for their male customers.
Email (Back in Black) - The multi-channel "Back In Black" campaign to promote our new line of Black Ion Plated watches was a huge success for Fossil.
Site Pages (Email Landing Pages) - During one iteration of the Fossil site, I felt the main navigation was too detailed to use on our emails (you can see it in the pages above). I proposed that we simplify it to three links: Accessories, Apparel and Watches, which would direct users to specially designed landing pages that would take them deeper into the site. Examples of those pages are above.
Email (Harvest A New Look) - This playful email took email subscribers to a special section on the site that featured our favorite items for the season.
Email (Overnight Shipping)
Email (Designs On Giving) - The purpose of this email was to provide gift ideas for the "design-minded" and promote some unique offers from Fossil.
Email (Gift Cards) - This email was sent to our customers as a last minute gift idea for the Holidays. I drew a sketch of my own hand to create this design.
Email (Black and White) - I worked with our in-house photo studio and digital imaging departments to create the photo in this email, which was also featured on a homepage. The background is a wall panel that I found and painted.
Home Page (Spring Favorites)
Site Page (Starck LE) - The purpose behind this update to the Starck page of the site was to announce a limited edition watch. An email was sent at the same time the page went live (see next slide).
Email (Starck LE) - This email announcing a limited edition Starck watch from Fossil was sent shortly after we updated a page on the site (see previous slide).
Email (Philippe Starck)
Email (NFL Collection) - I worked with the in-house photo studio and digital imaging department to create the image in this email I designed.
Email (Hello Love) - Email to promote gift ideas for Valentine's Day, and tell people about a sweepstakes that I designed (see the "Fossil Work - Valentines Sweepstakes Campaign" set of this portfolio).
Fossil Work - Web Pages and Emails
Linda Joseph
Creative Director Dallas, TX