A Chaise Longue Beija-flor foi produzida em Ipê Amarelo, Jacarandá Mimoso, Cedro e Pinho de Riga, é uma peça única do projeto Pedaços do Nordeste - Série Jangadas, totalmente orgânica e exclusiva. Essa obra encantadora estar disponível para à venda. Aguardamos seu contato. The “Chaise Longue Beija-flor”was made with wood from Ipê Amarelo, Jacarandá Mimoso, Cedro e Pinho de Riga. It is a unique piece of the project Pedaços do Nordeste - Série Jangadas, completely organic and exclusive. This enchanting work is available for sale. We look forward hearing from your interest on it.
Atelier Itinerante Marcelo Trudes

From the excellent results conquered by the artist in the use of recycled wood, it arose the willpower of walking around the country, sharing this knowledge with different Brazilian communities. The team left the southern coast of São Paulo heading up north by car. Today, they are in the northeast of Brasil, where it took place the project Pedaços do Nordeste-Série Jangadas. 
With interaction and exchange of knowledge and experiences between the artist and the community, calling to the sensitization of the look towards the raw material available, and encouraging the search for inspiration in nature and in its everyday life, the project looks for support, including the sale of the piece of art “Chaise Longue Beija-flor”, in order to give continuity to the project in other regions of Brazil.

Marcelo Trudes
Marcelo Trudes Atelier Iguape, Brazil