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Ashlandia Veggie Crate
This shed was painted as volunteer work for a local garden Co-op.
Label side detail
Veggie detail
Chalk Hard
Chalk Hard left detail
Chalk Hard right detail
Chalk Hard 2: Chalk Harder
The Stella chalice
A full view of the bar with left and right chalkboards. The center panel was printed for the event on plywood, and I matched by mural work to its style.
Detail of the Stella Artois logo in chalk
About a month later, I was asked to come in and recreate these boards for a second event.
Chalk Hard With A Vengeance
Detail of the mural
Progress shot of the mural
Live Free or Chalk Hard
These boards were cut to size and mounted within a Starbucks Blonde Roast mobile rig.
Starbucks logo detail
Chalk Hard

Chalk Hard has become the unofficial brand for my mural work -- mostly done in soft pastels, but some in acrylic.

Freelance, Full-time
Margaret Hogg
Senior Product Designer Detroit, MI