OHSU - Stroke Center

OHSU Stroke Center not only provides clinical care with strokes but works equally as hard on the preventative and educational aspects. So the fact that these people are good at what they do and are constantly learning is half of the battle. It's easy to promote something when it's being done right. Since OHSU is such a leader we decided to take a bolder approach with the headline, "WE'RE TAKING STROKES HEAD ON." The image of a woman and man's face is split down the middle and shifted in opposite directions. This abstract representation of the most common physical affect of a stroke put the severity of this situation into the forefront. However, there is another positive spin to this view of the face. It can be seen as looking toward the future. Moving forward from the past, what was left behind. Bold colors and strong sans serif typeface was used to elevate the importance of the message.

Maria Janosko
senior brand + digital designer Camp Hill, PA