Portland'5 - Centers for the Arts

Portland is an amazingly diverse and vibrant community when it comes to the arts. Most people, myself included, did not realize that these five performance venues were all part of the same family. In order to create unity of the organization was first renamed. Portland'5 emerged, quite simply translated it reads, "Portland's Five." This name reflects the ownership of these venues by its patrons, the tax-payers, the community. The logo mark was developed based on the idea of spotlights. Multiple triangular forms overlap each other to create varying fields of color that speak to the diversity of the arts. Each venue is assigned it's own color which ties back to expressing unique characteristics. A modern typeface, Pluto, was used for the Portland'5 wordmark. This face has the right amount of expressive qualities. The website was developed to elevate the experience the user has with Portland'5 and create a very easy path to purchase event tickets at any of the venues.

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Maria Janosko
senior brand + digital designer Camp Hill, PA