Troutdale Energy Center Brochure

In the year 2020 the coal burning Boardman power plant in Oregon will shutdown leaving an energy gap for the state. There are several proposals by companies competing to replace that energy source, including Troutdale Energy Center. The goal of this informative brochure is to highlight the benefits of natural gas as an alternative energy source, showing how the use of an existing industrial site will minimize environment impact and to highlight the potential addition of jobs and community college outreach for Troutdale.
The first step was developing an identity for the proposed Troutdale Energy Center, this was achieved through a simple, bold and graphic logo mark. The brochure is broken-up into digestible spreads that address intentions and benefits. Large photography was paired with bold section headlines to present a clear and informed voice. Infographics helped to explain energy consumption and need while also keeping a playful and friendly tone to a serious subject.

Maria Janosko
senior brand + digital designer Camp Hill, PA