The Byzantine Empire - interactive DVDs

The Byzantine Empire for Greek Ministry of Heritage

Project purpose: To prepare a series of 5 interactive dvds showcasing the collections of the most prominent byzantine museums in Greece. Each of the dvds is presenting the collection of one museum, the history of the area in byzantine times as well as educate the younger audience about the everyday life in the Byzantine Empire through a series of interactive lessons and activities.

My role: Interaction/Multimedia Designer

Responsibility: Preparing graphics and working prototypes of each of the dvds' sections in Flash/AS as well as for the user interface design and the overall look and feel of the application. I was working closely with the Content Manager as well as Software Developer on on implementing the templates and connecting them with the CMS. I was supervising a team of designers responsible for preparing the graphics as well as uploading the content.

Technology: Flash/Actionscript, Photoshop, AfterEffects

Marta Chade
Design Lead Leipzig, Germany