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The cover of my latest children's poetry book. Here's a sample:

Ron Taylor is an optimist,
he's bought a field of snow.
And now he's hoping for a crop
of frozen peas to grow.
All my Kindle books can be found on my author page.
For UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/martin-pierce/e/B007TN8A3A
For US: http://www.amazon.com/martin-pierce/e/B007TN8A3A
Covers for my three collections of short stories for children published on Kindle.
Visit my author page for free samples
Quirky wordless cartoons and an illustrated book of idioms. To see a few of the cartoons, go to the cartoon section.
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The cover designs of my 15 Kindle books.

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Martin Pierce piercepix@gmail.com
artist, illustrator and children's poet and short story writer Bournemouth, United Kingdom